Stacy Busch

Composer, Producer, Performer

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October 17, 2019

Enjoy music? Enjoy comedy? Enjoy a lack of subtlety? This show is for you! New music, new toolboxes of sounds and tales of everyday womanhood all in a casual environment of artistic superiority. Come on by! Woman will be speaking.

Featuring J.J. Pearse and pieces written by Kalli Siringas

$10 suggested donation. This is a No Divide KC production. All proceeds will go towards No Divide KC and our 2020 programming!

MASS Live Performance and art Exhibition


Mass: Live performance and exhibition, February 9th at Musical Theatre Heritage, Crown Center

Multimedia artist and performer Stacy Busch is collaborating with Australian experimental artist Jade Suine and choreographer/dancer Tianna Morton to create Mass, a new music concert and exhibition. The project is born out of Busch’s recent, month long journey at the Listhus Artist Residency in northern Iceland, in which she experienced silence, isolation and extreme natural landscapes, which allowed Busch to uncover a more honest connection with her artistic voice and connect it to her spiritual practice. The full live performance is an evening length concert of new music largely composed during her time in Iceland. “Mass” elicits feelings of reverence as well as intense breadth and depth. The project is designed using four spiritual pillars, derived from the Bhagavad Gita, as a formal structure for both the visual pieces and music composition. These concepts allow the performance to unfold as a powerful narrative of spiritual discovery. Suine is providing twelve visual pieces that correspond with the four spiritual pillars. This concert event will have a unique impact on the Kansas City community because it transports viewers to an environment that is unlike any other: the harsh yet breathtaking northern Icelandic landscape, which is meant to stir an ancient connection to the divine within each person and to transport the viewer someplace otherworldly. In this distinct atmosphere, the live performance will push the audience to explore themselves, and foster acceptance and empathy towards others.

Gilda's Club KC brings together Owen/Cox Dance Group, Charlotte Street Foundation, poet Jen Harris and composer Stacy Busch for a multi-disciplinary production of "Collective: Our Stories of Cancer."

Watch the FULL PERFORMANCE by clicking below:

Stay tuned for more performances coming soon!

Stay tuned for more performances coming soon!

Bite is a multimedia installation that features new music in an entirely immersive space. The barn space and installation allow activity to entirely surround the audience. By placing the audience inside the activity, there is nothing to directly watch onstage. In this way, each audience member becomes their own protagonist as opposed to viewing a character outside of themselves. Bite addresses the questions that are repeated throughout our lives at some points, with severe starkness and at others, with the tenderness of humility. Similar to how these questions appear differently over life’s course. Bite is an unconventional and unique journey that exposes the deepest insecurities and greatest emotional heights in all of us. Soloists include member from the KC VITAs Chamber Choir and dancers from the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance.


Soundtrack for the City is a musical experience designed specifically for the Kansas City Streetcar.  There are 9 original songs that are inspired by the various stops along the streetcar route. Each stop has an associated song title and each individual song captures the distinct character of the different parts of the city. For example, the song inspired by the Crossroads district is eclectic and youthful while “Like Glass” portrays the illustriousness of the Kauffman Center. Each passenger is able to view the soundtrack list and pick a song to listen to. This soundtrack for the city promotes artistic participation and accessibility with playfulness and provides rich and thoughtful songs that feel integral to the culture of Kansas City. 

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As I See You: Stacy Busch, spoken word artist Sarah Mundy, and multimedia artist Cody Kauhl create a performative event that bridges the gap between the concert hall and film theater. “As I See You” is a concert split in two halves that tells the same story twice with projected silent video, live performers, and a spoken word artist. Although the two iterations of the story might begin with the same narrative, each will be recounted by the spoken word artist from vastly different perspectives and ending with separate conclusions and assessments of the events that transpire. This story involves two good friends as they both recount the slow decline of their relationship, showing that neither party is right nor wrong, and that life is much more complicated than how we describe it.

A Soul Awake is a concert experience that aims to express the perpetual flow and sudden change of our emotional or mental states of being. The title is a fragment taken from one of my favorite yogic philosophical phrases, jivan mukti, or a soul awake in this lifetime. This saying has always resonated with me because it implies the possibility of going through a life without an "awakened soul." An idea that is resoundingly sad. It seems that even though our own emotions or our own mind often feels burdensome, it is a far better gift to have the capacity to feel than it is not to. This concert is a celebration of that gift.